Baby Pierce

On May 16th, my sweet little nephew was born!

Six pounds and 15 ounces of cuddly goodness, Pierce Avery Polumbus is the newest addition to my sister’s family.

 This little man came out looking just like his older brother with a full head of hair.

I just LOVE babies! I could have held little Pierce forever. He was just the sweetest baby on the planet! I am so blessed to be called his aunt.

We didn’t have too much time while I was visiting to do a whole family shoot but here are just a few we did in the backyard.

Can I brag for a second? I have the most amazing sister! Seriously, I don’t even know how she manages to do it all. I like to call her Supermom. : ) She has two jobs as a CPA, a newborn, a 2 year old little boy, a boxer, a husband and somehow her house is ALWAYS clean! Well, I’m sure her hubby Kevin helps out too. ; )
Congratulations Lisa + Kevin!! I love you guys so so much!