Beverly & Joanie’s Retirement Party

Every part of Beverly & Joanie’s retirement party was just as darling as they are!  From the details to the speeches, you could just tell everything came straight from the heart.  These two women have been a part of the McNair Group & McNair Foundation for years and it’s obvious how much they are loved!  I felt so honored to get to document such a special day in their lives with the people that they hold so close to their hearts…

Retirement Party-50Retirement Party-4Swift Events did a lovely job, as always! Retirement Party-18Retirement Party-10Retirement Party-27Retirement Party-25Retirement Party-14Retirement Party-35Retirement Party-37Retirement Party-51Retirement Party-56Retirement Party-58Retirement Party-65These two lovebirds … : ) Retirement Party-69Retirement Party-82Retirement Party-90Retirement Party-97Retirement Party-100Retirement Party-105Retirement Party-107Pretty much the greatest pianist there is … Retirement Party-141Retirement Party-155Retirement Party-157Retirement Party-177Retirement Party-179Retirement Party-189Retirement Party-200Retirement Party-203Retirement Party-210Retirement Party-215Retirement Party-232Retirement Party-246Retirement Party-252Retirement Party-263Retirement Party-267Retirement Party-271Retirement Party-312Retirement Party-316Beverly put together the sweetest note… Retirement Party-322Retirement Party-326Retirement Party-342Retirement Party-344Retirement Party-359Retirement Party-371How adorable are Mr. & Mrs. McNair?! : ) They are just the most gracious hosts!Retirement Party-376Retirement Party-378A wonderful photographer was there and even took a photo of me with two of my faves in the McNair Family, Ruthie & Kate!Retirement Party-387

Thank you guys so much for asking me to be a part of this sweet event!


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  • Joanie HaleyJune 16, 2015 - 1:21 pm

    Many thanks, Michelle!!!! These photos are amazing! Thanks so much for capturing the beauty and love of the evening! JoanieReplyCancel