Cara, Mike & Libby

I love this family!  Cara is one of my sister’s best friend and she is just the sweetest!  I wanted to share a few of these photos from last year… better late that never, right? ; )
Can you tell how cold it was outside that day?!?  Steam everywhere! : ) So right before this session, Cara took a little test … : ) and made a little present for Mike to open …

I think he was pretty happy to find out they were having another little one! ; ) I just wanted to take this guy home with me! : )

Cara & Mike, thank you for bearing the cold &  letting me int0 your home! : )

Since this shoot, they have had their beautiful baby girl!   We did photos at the hospital & newborn photos at their home so I will be sure to share those too!  That is what I love so much about this job…getting to know these amazing families and getting the honor to be there for such amazing times in their lives.   It is just the biggest blessing!