Chloe’s 2nd Birthday!

Sweet little Chloe turned two and had a fun little party at Wonderwild!  : )How adorable is Chloe!?
These are some good dads…. : )She looks so much like her daddy!

How gorgeous is this little family!?  Andrea is about to have another little one and this time, a boy! : ) YAY! So happy for y’all!This guy?! Seriously, he’s the cutest little man!Chloe was all business until the ice cream came out and then she was all smiles!
Claudia, Chloe’s grandmother, was so loving and sweet.  You could just tell she has such a special relationship with her daughter & granddaughter!This little girl might have been one of my favorites! She was just so darling and sweet!

Claudia & Andrea, thank you so much for having me be a part of this fun day!  I hope Chloe had an amazing birthday! <3