Garrett + Kelly’s Charleston Wedding

I don’t even know where to start with this heartfelt beach wedding!  These two could not be more perfect for each other! Garrett has been my step-brother for almost 20 years and I love him like a brother, especially after we made it through high school together…LOL!  Growing up, I always loved hanging out with him.  He’s goofy, hilarious & so fun to be around but he didn’t always act like that in front of everyone until Kelly came around!  She brings out his true self and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed!  Kelly is so warm, so kind, so loving!  I couldn’t have picked a better wife for Garrett!  There are so many beautiful & heartfelt stories in this wedding weekend that I don’t even know if I can put it into words properly but I will do my best and let the photos tell the rest of the story …
g+K_001A sweet note from Kelly’s stepmom… g+K_002g+K_003g+K_004g+K_005g+K_006g+K_007g+K_008Kelly and her gorgeous daughter, Malia… g+K_009g+K_012g+K_013g+K_014g+K_017g+K_015g+K_016g+K_018g+K_019g+K_020I was in tears pretty much this whole day! g+K_021g+K_022g+K_023g+K_024g+K_025g+K_026g+K_027Their new family! His & hers have now become theirs…g+K_028…and it’s so sweet how well they get along! g+K_029g+K_031g+K_030g+K_032g+K_033Like mother like son… little models! g+K_035I think our whole family was tears all weekend too! : ) g+K_036g+K_037g+K_038g+K_039g+K_040g+K_041g+K_042g+K_043g+K_044g+K_045g+K_046g+K_047g+K_048g+K_049After we did their first look & most of the family photos, we headed to beach for the ceremony…g+K_050g+K_052g+K_051g+K_053g+K_054g+K_056g+K_057A circle ceremony on the beach… surrounded by love! g+K_059g+K_060g+K_061I noticed a little lady bug land on Garrett’s collar … obviously good luck! : D g+K_062g+K_063g+K_064During the ceremony, Kelly gave a necklace to Gabby & Garrett gave a necklace to Malia…g+K_066… it was just the sweetest thing!

Gabby sang the sweetest song in her beautiful little voice and brought everyone to tears!g+K_072g+K_075g+K_073g+K_074g+K_077g+K_078g+K_080g+K_079Every little moment of this intimate ceremony was perfect! g+K_082g+K_083g+K_084g+K_085g+K_086g+K_087g+K_088g+K_089Aren’t they just the cutest couple?!?! : Dg+K_090Then we went back to the house for a little reception while the sun set.


g+K_106The kids ran off to the beach and came back with this! g+K_096g+K_097g+K_098g+K_099g+K_100g+K_101g+K_102g+K_103Everyone danced the night away …g+K_104… it was the perfect day! g+K_105g+K_107

Garrett & Kelly, I love you both so much!  It was such an honor to photograph this beautiful day in your lives!  We miss you already and can’t wait to come back and visit! We are so incredibly happy for you!



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  • Kelly Vann CalawayJuly 10, 2015 - 6:00 pm

    Michelle Able Caldwell I love you and your beautiful sweet family so very much! Thank you for capturing these amazing photos from our 2nd wedding day. I wasn't sure we could top the first one, but you have provided me with the pictures that prove we could! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'm crying happy tears right now! xoxoReplyCancel