Holly’s Bridesmaid Luncheon at Up

This was quite possibly the most adorable bridesmaid’s luncheon at Up Restaurant in Highland Village!  Holly did such a lovely job!   You might remember Holly’s gorgeous bridal shower from a few months back…holly's bridesmaid luncheon-1holly's bridesmaid luncheon-2holly's bridesmaid luncheon-3holly's bridesmaid luncheon-4The pretty little bride … holly's bridesmaid luncheon-5holly's bridesmaid luncheon-6These bridesmaid’s gifts were about as fabulous as they come!!
holly's bridesmaid luncheon-7holly's bridesmaid luncheon-8holly's bridesmaid luncheon-9holly's bridesmaid luncheon-10holly's bridesmaid luncheon-11holly's bridesmaid luncheon-12Her Matron of Honor, Ashley, is just too adorable!  I can’t even handle it!holly's bridesmaid luncheon-13holly's bridesmaid luncheon-14holly's bridesmaid luncheon-15holly's bridesmaid luncheon-16holly's bridesmaid luncheon-17The Maid of Honor and mother of the bride have arrived! : ) holly's bridesmaid luncheon-18holly's bridesmaid luncheon-19holly's bridesmaid luncheon-20Holly & her mom are just sweetest! holly's bridesmaid luncheon-21holly's bridesmaid luncheon-22Holly, her Matron & Maid of Honor… holly's bridesmaid luncheon-23Her Maid of Honor, Christianne, and I have known each other since we were 6 or 7 years old! : ) holly's bridesmaid luncheon-24holly's bridesmaid luncheon-25holly's bridesmaid luncheon-26holly's bridesmaid luncheon-27holly's bridesmaid luncheon-28holly's bridesmaid luncheon-29holly's bridesmaid luncheon-30holly's bridesmaid luncheon-31Selfie stick for the win … ; )
holly's bridesmaid luncheon-32holly's bridesmaid luncheon-33holly's bridesmaid luncheon-34Christianne always has the best braids! : ) holly's bridesmaid luncheon-35holly's bridesmaid luncheon-36holly's bridesmaid luncheon-37holly's bridesmaid luncheon-38holly's bridesmaid luncheon-39holly's bridesmaid luncheon-40holly's bridesmaid luncheon-41holly's bridesmaid luncheon-42holly's bridesmaid luncheon-43

So happy for you Holly!