Jennifer’s Farewell Lunch

 One of my dearest family friend’s, Gerald Smith, had a wonderful assistant, Jennifer, who recently had to say goodbye to her beloved co-workers of 12 years … To say the least, it was a very touching luncheon full of tears and laughter.  I can say after only spending a few hours with her, I totally understand why everyone was crying! She is so very kind and thoughtful and just so pleasant to be around.  She is going to work for her husband’s company  so at least she knows she’ll like her new boss …  ; )

Do they look alike or what?!  : ) Jackson and his dad, Gerald…Just FYI, El Tiempo Cantina has AMAZING key lime pie!! It’s out of this world good! : )
The old boss and the new boss… : ) 

Jennifer, I know you will be so dearly missed at Smith Graham, but I wish you all the best at your new job with your hubby! : ) You two are so sweet!