Kelly’s Babies

Back in September, I visited one of my dearest friends.  She has known me since I was a little baby, back when everyone called me Trish! Hah! We reconnected when I was living in Santa Barbara and I’m so grateful that we did!  She is one of the sweetest, most caring, & generous people I have ever met.  She makes being a mom look easy! Seriously, if it’s that easy, sign me up! Anyway, I was so so excited to see her because she had a baby girl a few months back and I hadn’t gotten to meet her yet!  We took a few photos right outside their house just for fun.  Here are some of my faves!

Kelly, you’re totally Supermom!  I love Zach’s eyes in this one…This one of Zoe (aka: a real life cabbage patch doll!) just melts me. Zoe is totally a little granny baby! I love her! : )
Kelly, I adore you and your entire family!  Next time we will have to make sure to get Matt in the photos too! : )
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  • KellyNovember 6, 2013 - 2:19 pm

    Trishie!!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful photos, and your even more beautiful words! I’m crying from your sweet sentiments!
    You are such an amazing friend, photographer, daughter, sister, etc! I love you so much! You are one amazing human being!