Kelly’s Plantation Bridal Luncheon

Um… can I live here? : ) The Burkeshire Plantation was just the classiest venue for Kelly’s bridal luncheon!blog images-1blog images-2blog images-4blog images-5blog images-6blog images-7Mrs. Johnson & Mrs.Kolar hosted this magnificent luncheon and it could not have been more perfect, down to each lovely detail. blog images-8blog images-9blog images-10blog images-11blog images-12blog images-13blog images-14blog images-15I think Kelly’s bridal party wins the prize for the most photogenic! : ) blog images-16blog images-17blog images-18blog images-19I mean, come on, these girls are adorable! blog images-20blog images-21blog images-22They may or may not be sorority sisters… : ) blog images-23A bride and her hostesses …blog images-24Kelly’s maid-of-honor, Lynn, and I went to high school together so this event was extra special for me, getting to see her & her mom!
blog images-25blog images-26blog images-27blog images-28Kelly & her sweet mom… : )
blog images-29blog images-30blog images-31blog images-32blog images-33blog images-34This whole day was perfect, but this cake though?  : D  I about melted when I saw it! blog images-35The most amazing part of the cake was a traditional southern cake pull. The bride tied charms to ribbons for each bridesmaid to pull out of the cake!blog images-36blog images-37

Each bridesmaid came up one by one and pulled a charm out of the cake while the Kelly explained the meaning of the charm to everyone.  It was such a sweet way to honor her bridesmaids and share their friendships with all the guests. blog images-40blog images-38blog images-39blog images-41blog images-42blog images-43Kelly is not only the sweetest little bride, but I’m pretty sure she is as funny as they come!  She’s such a great storyteller so hearing her talk about all of her bridesmaids was so much fun!  I was either laughing or on the verge of tears the whole time! blog images-44blog images-45blog images-46blog images-49blog images-48blog images-50blog images-51blog images-47blog images-52blog images-53blog images-54Are you ready for the greatest bridesmaids gifts of all time?? … Kate Spade bags…
blog images-55 darling sequined hangers…blog images-56beautiful sparkly earrings…
blog images-57… and matching robes! blog images-58blog images-59blog images-60blog images-61blog images-62blog images-63blog images-64Kelly’s gift from her mom was a beautiful scrapbook!  I didn’t even know you could make scrapbooks that big! blog images-65blog images-66blog images-67blog images-68

Bridal luncheons are such a special time to get everyone together to honor bridesmaids and the bride one last time before the big day, which was this past Saturday! Congratulations, Kelly! I hope your wedding weekend was absolutely perfect and that your marriage is even more wonderful!  🙂


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    You beautifully captured this elegant event! We wish Kelly and her family all the happiness life can afford!ReplyCancel