Kortney’s Baby Shower

My boyfriend’s sister, Kortney, had a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower this Saturday for little Daniel Jameson Oliver!

This adorable wreath was made by Kortney’s sweet friend and co-host, Kalyn. Kortney’s niece, Breah, was just the sweetest, most polite 2 year old I’ve ever met! She was really excited about helping Kortney open all of her presents.

Gotta love all the superwomen in Kellan’s family… : )
Soon-to-be dad arrived a little sooner than expected, but just in time to watch Kortney open the rest of the gifts.
Everyone thought this little tux onesie would be perfect for Daniel at a future wedding… *wink wink* Hahah! : D
Daniel is already so blessed to have these two sweet women as his grandmothers. He’s going to be showered with love! : ) I guess the boys couldn’t stay away because Kellan showed up just shortly after Kirk did. : P

And of course, there was cake… : D Maybe that’s why the boys showed up early!

Kortney and Kirk, you two are going to be the most amazing parents. I am so incredibly happy for y’all!! : D I can’t wait for January 18th to meet little Daniel!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!