Lisa + Marcus

You guys!  These two cuties are my absolute favorite!  Not only are they such great friends of ours, but they are two of the best people we know!  We love them so, so much!  Lisa’s sense of humor & sweetness is matched by Marcus’ kind heart & thoughtfulness and they are just too perfect for each other!  When we found out they were engaged, we practically jumped with excitement and then when they asked us to photograph their wedding, we were on cloud nine!  : D It’s always such an honor when friends ask us to be their photographers! lisa + marcus_001They just bought their first home together so we thought it would be a fun way to start their engagement session… plus lifestyle photos are my fave!! : )lisa + marcus_002lisa + marcus_003lisa + marcus_004lisa + marcus_005lisa + marcus_006lisa + marcus_007lisa + marcus_008lisa + marcus_009Lisa’s maid of honor got her the cutest little gold bracelet with the coordinates of where they got engaged in Columbia!  How amazing is that?! : ) lisa + marcus_010lisa + marcus_011lisa + marcus_012lisa + marcus_013Then we headed off to the park & their little date … lisa + marcus_014lisa + marcus_015lisa + marcus_016lisa + marcus_017Are they not just the cutest couple you’ve ever seen?!? : D lisa + marcus_018lisa + marcus_019lisa + marcus_020lisa + marcus_021lisa + marcus_022lisa + marcus_023lisa + marcus_024lisa + marcus_025We are just so happy for these little lovebirds! lisa + marcus_026lisa + marcus_027lisa + marcus_028lisa + marcus_029lisa + marcus_030Our friends that met Lisa & Marcus for the first time at our wedding just assumed they were already married because it’s just so obvious how perfect they are together! lisa + marcus_031lisa + marcus_032lisa + marcus_033lisa + marcus_036lisa + marcus_034lisa + marcus_035lisa + marcus_037lisa + marcus_038lisa + marcus_039Their Cyclone Anaya’s date was so perfectly them! lisa + marcus_040lisa + marcus_041

Lisa & Marcus, we don’t even have words for how excited we are to get to photograph your wedding next year!  Seriously, it’s such an amazing honor and we can’t wait!!! We love you guys so much and couldn’t be happier for you two!