Meet Alyssa!

Friends, we are SO excited to introduce our newest wedding photographer, Alyssa!   She is my best friend & used to second shoot all of my weddings with me before she moved away to Boulder, CO and Kellan came into the picture. Well, lucky for us she moved back a few months ago and we couldn’t be happier! She has been working behind the scenes with us for almost a year, but now we get her in person! : )  She was also my maid of honor in our wedding in March so, obviously, we love and adore her!  Here she is in all of her adorable cuteness!

{Me and Alyssa at my wedding back in March! Photo by Joy Prouty}

View More: are just a few of our favorite beautiful images from Alyssa …
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Alyssa and I have been best friends for 12+ years so this is really a dream come true for me to have not only my amazing husband on our team, but now my best friend!  She is now booking 2015 & 2016 weddings!

Can’t wait to share some of her latest shoots with y’all!


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