Meet Michelle

Hi friends!  Thanks for stopping by! : )

I'm Michelle, owner & photographer here at MAP!  I’m a Texas girl with a little California flair—I’ve spent about half my time thus far between both places.  I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara in 2010 and hit the ground running. I recently married the love of my life, Kellan, who also happens to be my second shooter & lead videographer for all of our weddings over at Cotton Weddings, our wedding brand. The third and newest addition to the  team is our wonderful photographer, Alyssa!  She has been my best friend for 11+ years & we just adore her!  She's handles all of the design work behind MAP & Cotton along when she's not photographing Best Friend Senior sessions with me!

Michelle is a Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer Who specializes in creating Cherished heirlooms for all the special times in your life

Most importantly, we love God above all else!  He is the reason we are able to do what we do and our motivator behind it all.  Our belief is that we love because He loved us first and as photographers, we absolutely love seeing people in love ... all kinds of love!  The love you have for your fiancee, your husband, your children, your grandchildren, or even your pet!  Love is just beautiful to us and quite honestly, makes our hearts melt.  We love all the details… the way you fit just perfectly into your fiancee's arms, the snuggles with your brand new baby, the butterfly kisses, the Eskimo kisses... all those little things that you do every day to share your love, but no one is there to photograph it.  Those are the little moments that we want to be there for.  More than anything, we want to be able to photograph you at your happiest as if there was no one else watching.