Mindy & Otto

Mindy and Otto tied the knot November 10th at the Four Seasons in Las Collinas. I have known Mindy since I was about eight.  Needless to say, it was such a pleasure being there with her on such an important day! : D   Isn’t she beautiful!?!

mindy_001mindy_002mindy_003mindy_004 This is her brand new little baby Kyler.  He is the cutest little man I’ve ever seen!

mindy_005mindy_006mindy_007 Alyssa got this amazing shot of the flying ring bearer! : D

mindy_008mindy_009mindy_010mindy_011mindy_012mindy_013 I would say they are going to have such beautiful babies but they already have one so I guess that’s a little redundant. : )

mindy_014mindy_015mindy_016mindy_017mindy_018mindy_019mindy_020mindy_021During the father-daughter dance, they busted out their leather jackets and aviator glasses… so fun!

mindy_022mindy_023 Gangnam style… lol. The new Macarena of wedding songs.


Mindy and Otto, we are so incredibly happy for you two! : D Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us.

Happy Tuesday!