Music Monday!

Since I don’t have a Monday through Friday kind-of job, I don’t usually get a case of the Mondays… but today, yeah, it definitely feels like a Monday. : ) It might have something to do with the 56 degree weather outside this morning. YAY!

The song I woke up singing this morning? Well, it was “Best Mistake I Ever Made” by Kevin Fowler. Here is the video. On Saturday Kellan and I went to Ziegfest, a Texas country music festival, which is probably what inspired today’s song. 

I am obsessed with the new panoramic feature on the iPhone! It works pretty well, aside from the awkward black sky in the right corner, lol.

The weather was perfect and the skies, well, see for yourself…

It was a fabulous day, to say the least! : ) Hope you had a great weekend too!