Mia’s Wedding + Music Monday!

Wow! This week went by fast! It is Monday yet again and I didn’t even realize it until 9:45 pm. Lol. I am in Santa Barbara working and visiting family so I must be on vacation mode. 🙂  I came to visit for my little sister’s 11th birthday party and to do a family photo session. Here’s a sneak peek of the Melikian family, quite possibly my favorite session of the year!

Are they gorgeous or what?! So excited to share more soon!

Another exciting event from the weekend, my little sister, Mia, and her best friend, Adam, got married and I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding!! {A pretend wedding, of course!} : D

Mia’s baby dolls were the flower girls and Seamus, our Irish wolfhound, was the ring bearer. So stinking cute, I could barely stand it!

When I was explaining the usual sequence of a wedding, I told them that you hold hands, say your vows and then kiss the bride. Mia said, “Yeah… but I think in this case, we would just hug.”  Hahahah! Love that girl!

I am pretty certain that these two are soulmates… 

And for the music, maybe I’m just missing my boyfriend too much but I thought this one was pretty darn cute!  It’s called “Loving you tonight” by Andrew Allen. Here is the music video, which is adorable by the way! I heard this sweet song yesterday on a wedding film by my favorite videographer, Nathan Pickett.  If any of my brides out there are looking for one, you should check him out! He’s amazing!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!