Music Thursday?

So it’s obviously not Monday but in my defense, Monday completely slipped by me. I was in bed all day recovering from photographing two weddings and a birthday party.  I learned that shooting for 22 hours over a 48-hour period causes serious neck pains. I guess we learn by doing, lol.

Anyway, last Thursday Kellan (the boyfriend) and I went to see Matt Wertz at the House of Blues.

He was SO awesome live, which made it even better! I’d say he’s in the Jack Johnson/ John Mayer genre, very easy listening with sweet lyrics. My favorite song of his is “Easier tonight”. Here is link to the song. Warning: it’s so stinkin’ adorable! : ) I also love “Don’t Come Easy” and “Someone Like You”.

Oh, and he just released a Holiday album called Snow Globe. You know I’ll be listening to that for the next three months! : D And yes, I do listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. : P

Hope you all have a great day!