Rachel & Adam

Rachel + Adam_029I photographed this adorable couple on Saturday with my good friend Kelli Durham as her second photographer. They were just the most amazing couple… so laidback, down to earth, and sweet as can be! Rachel + Adam_001 Rachel is probably one the most naturally beautiful people I have ever met!Rachel + Adam_002 Loved their little monogrammed tees! Rachel + Adam_003Rachel + Adam_004Rachel + Adam_005Rachel + Adam_006How cute is this hanger!? All the girls had ones with their names on it!
Rachel + Adam_007Rachel + Adam_009This wedding day was just full of the most amazing prayers…  : ) Rachel + Adam_008Rachel + Adam_010Rachel + Adam_011Rachel + Adam_012Rachel + Adam_013Rachel + Adam_014Rachel + Adam_015Rachel + Adam_016Rachel + Adam_017Rachel + Adam_018Rachel + Adam_019Rachel + Adam_020Rachel + Adam_021Rachel + Adam_022Everyone in the wedding party was family. I love that! Rachel + Adam_023Rachel + Adam_024Rachel + Adam_025Rachel + Adam_026Rachel + Adam_027 What’s a wedding without a horse and carriage, right? : D Rachel + Adam_028Rachel + Adam_030Rachel + Adam_031Rachel + Adam_032Rachel + Adam_033Rachel + Adam_034Rachel + Adam_035Rachel + Adam_036Rachel + Adam_037Rachel + Adam_038Rachel + Adam_039Rachel + Adam_040Rachel + Adam_041Rachel + Adam_042The F.O.B. speech was adorable. To say I teared up would be the understatement of the year… lol.
Rachel + Adam_043Rachel + Adam_044Rachel + Adam_045Rachel + Adam_046Rachel + Adam_047Rachel + Adam_048 How great is this groom’s cake? Rachel + Adam_049Rachel + Adam_050Rachel + Adam_051Rachel + Adam_052Rachel + Adam_053 After the bride & groom left, we got to play around with all the left over sparklers. Holly, the maid of honor, did an amazing job with this one! Rachel + Adam_054Rachel + Adam_055

Rachel and Adam, congratulations! I am so happy for y’all! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

Kelli, thanks for asking me to photograph this fab wedding with you!