The Birthday Girl!

Our sweet little Alyssa is finally joining the “24 year old” club! : D

I can’t even begin to describe how much this best friend means to me. I moved back to Houston a year ago with a dream that we would get to work together and collaborate on many of my business ventures and boy does it feel good to have your dreams come to fruition! Getting to see her smiling face almost every day makes my job even more fun! : D

With a graphic design background and an amazing eye, she pretty much handles the whole design side of my business {contracts, price lists, business cards, etc} and she rocks it! Seriously, if you ever need any design work done, she’s your girl!

This was us last year on your birthday, remember? : D  We should make sure we have a photo of us on our birthdays every year so we can make a book when we are nice and old. : P

Happy happy birthday muffin!! I love you so much and can’t wait until you get over here so we can celebrate! SO glad I live here now!


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