The Wonderful Pierce Family

I adore this sweet family more than I can express in words!  Kristen is actually Kellan’s (my husband) cousin and Welby was the one that married us in March!! : ) So not only are they so great because they are our family but also they are just such a loving, God-centered family!   They make having two kids look effortless!  Seriously if parenthood is like this, SIGN ME UP! : ) Breah, the cutie pie with the giant pink bow in her hair, is a TOTAL ham and complete sweetheart!  She could have posed all day for me!  Then there is Corban, basically the cutest little baby boy that ever existed, and his hair?!? Oh, it’s the best!
facebook ready_026facebook ready_027facebook ready_028facebook ready_029facebook ready_030facebook ready_031facebook ready_032facebook ready_033I just love how Kristen’s hair is blowing in the wind & those big smiles!  Could they be any happier?! facebook ready_034facebook ready_035facebook ready_036“Uh, mom… what’s this fancy thing around my neck? I look like Dad”facebook ready_037facebook ready_038facebook ready_039Aren’t these kiddos just gorgeous?!  I can’t get over it!  LOVE this family!facebook ready_040This hair though?! : )
facebook ready_041facebook ready_042facebook ready_044facebook ready_045facebook ready_046How sweet are these two!?!
facebook ready_047facebook ready_049facebook ready_050

Kristen & Welby, we love you guys so much!  Thank you for all that you did for us for our wedding!  We are so grateful to have y’all as our family and thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly!


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